Almond Oil for Face

Expressed from sweet almonds, almond oil is mainly used for flavouring, cosmetic and medicinal purposes. Almond oil for face is the ideal lubricant during a massage therapy session or as an emollient, it prevents dryness and irritation of the skin. Almonds as a whole can be moulded into face masks, creams and oils.

Although the face is the most preferable place to apply almond oil onto, it can be massaged into any part of the body (even hair is a popular option to ensure a reduction of split ends and the reformation of hair to life again).

There are two different types of almond oil, known as sweet almond oil and bitter almond essential oil. Sweet almond oil is a lubricant and is beneficial for sensitive skin. While considered to be medium-light with easily absorption rates, sweet almond oil fulfils massage and facial care purposes. Benefits from sweet almond oil for face and body range from the product being rich in minerals, protein and vitamins; this nourishment for the skin is considered the most versatile skin care oils on the market.

Bitter almond oil is an essential oil, its purpose only being scent and flavour; not skin purposes whatsoever. It contains neither aromatherapy benefit nor moisturizing benefits and therefore its limited use is only meant for smell (such as ‘Almond Oatmeal Soap’).

How to use almond oil for face and what are its benefits?

Benefits of almond oil on face result in a prevention of dryness, spots and irritation in the skin. You can find the benefits of almond oil on face listed below.

For Acne

Using sweet almond oil for face works in numerous ways. Some people produce excessive fatty substances called sebum in their sebaceous glands, causing clogging in the facial pores. Eventually, this can lead to a mind infection which creates acne of the face. Almond oil is created using fatty acids which will be able to dissolve substances such as sebum, cleaning the pores and repairing damage to the skin.


1. 1 tablespoon of honey, 1 tablespoon of almond oil, and ½ an avocado.

2. mix all the ingredients together until the blend forms a puree and apply to the skin.

3. apply to the face in all areas.

4. leave on for 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing off.

5. do this method daily.

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Also, with few drops of almond oil and clean hands you will obtain very good results. You just need to place a few drops of almond oil on the hands and rub it onto the face ensuring all the areas of acne are covered.


For Wrinkles and Aging Skin

Using almond oil for wrinkles and aging skin on the face works in various ways. It helps to tighten the skin and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It ‘plumps’ up the face and fills the age lines and wrinkles you may have. By using almond oil as a soothing lotion, it refreshes the skin, smoothing away lines and preventing more damage to the skin.

Sweet almond oil for face ensures that the lines disappear and can repair signs of ageing. It can prevent any further damage to the skin and boosts the amount of moisture that the skin can carry enabling the face to naturally remove its own wrinkles or ageing lines in the easiest way possible.

It is no wonder that almond products for aging skin are the best choice for skin treatment.

Recipe 1

 1. a makeup wipe remover or place a small amount of oil and rub off any eye makeup, and 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil.

2. cleanse the face with warm water ensuring all makeup or any extra substance is removed.

3. use a light coating of almond oil, place on the palm and gently massage into the face until all areas are covered.

4. leave overnight and wait for the results in the morning.


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Recipe 2

1. Caution: Don’t rub too vigorously and allow the almond oil to begin its moisturizing work right away rather than being scrubbed right off your wrinkles. 1 tablespoon of lanolin, 2 tablespoons of sweet almond face oil, 2 tablespoons of water, 2 tablespoons of cod liver oil, 1 tablespoon of chamomile tea, saucepan, a spoon, and small plastic bottle.

2. melt the almond oil and the lanolin over low heat. Stir them constantly in order to prevent scorching from occurring and if you notice the mixture begin to hiss, pop or bubble then you must turn the heat down.

3. add the water to the mixture; this will help the cooling process speed up. Do not move onto the next step until it is cool enough to touch.

4. stir in the cod liver oil and the camomile tea and once the mixture is thoroughly blended the result will be a light brown, creamy lotion that can be stored in the plastic bottle when not in use.

5. apply the almond oil lotion to the face in a thin, even layer. In order to get the best results, massage it into the face so that there isn’t much residue from the lotion. There is no need to put excessive amounts of lotion for a single treatment. No more than half a teaspoon.

6. rinse your face with warm water. Using your hands to splash your face with water rather than a washcloth will prevent you from chafing the skin.


For Puffy Eyes and Under Eye circles

Using almond oil on face will reduce the puffiness of eyes and under eye circles by cleansing the skin and gently and naturally removing the excess skin formed here in the process from either being tired or after a long day. Dark discolouration of the skin under the eye is referred to as dark circles and almond oil can vastly get rid of this worry.

Recipe 1

1. 2 tablespoons of sweet almond oil for face and cold water.

2. take the almond oil and apply it over the dark circles or areas of puffiness and gently massage it.

3. leave it overnight to ensure the best results and allow the almond oil to sink into the skin.

4. wash off with cold water the next morning.

5. follow this remedy daily until the dark circles under the eyes disappear almost entirely.


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Recipe 2

1. a few drops of almond oil and two tablespoons of raw honey. Be careful when applying as the skin under your eyes stretch easily – must apply gently.

2. take the drops of almond oil for face and mix with a few drops of raw honey.

3. gently apply this combination at night to reduce puffiness and lighten under eye circles.

4. do these steps before you go to sleep, then wash with clear water the next morning.

5. repeat daily to see the results.


Exfoliating the skin

Almond oil is one of the best base oils for sugar scrubs for the face and body. It helps to revitalize and rejuvenate dry and damaged skin, reaching to the pores and exfoliating you from head to toe. It helps heal cracked skin and irritation and overall moisturises the skin making it soft, clear and appealing.


 1. ½ cup of fine sugar, 1 to 2 tablespoons of almond facial oil, a prepared bath or shower.

2. mix the ½ cup of fine sugar with the almond oil and apply to the skin whilst in the bath tub or shower.

3. rub and massage into the skin until feeling smooth.

4. follow with a bath of shower to remove all traces of the sugar.

5. repeat this step daily to see the amazing results.

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Caution: Be careful not to stretch the skin while rubbing onto the face and stay away from the delicate skin around the eyes for this recipe.


How is the usage of almond oil on any part of the body beneficial?

It’s essential to use almond oil on any part of the body if you desire moisturized results. In the winter after lack of humidity, cold air is a cause of dryness of the skin. However, in the summer, sun exposure leaves your skin desperate for more hydration. Creams wear off easily and almond oil face masks can’t be applied to any other part of the body except the face.

So what’s the solution? Body oils, obviously. Body oils (almond oil being the main oil for the skin) enhance the quality of the skin resulting in soft and moisturized skin rather than greasy; as most people would think. Almond body oils keep the face and body moisturized constantly, leaving the feeling of fresh skin.

Any possible side effects

Almond oil is a completely natural product and there are hardly any of side effects. Sometimes, using sweet almond oil for face may cause acne breakouts, so it is recommended to use it as a part of a product formulated for acne.

Overall, almond oil for face, with its sweet smell of nut and a similar smell to marzipan and its non-greasy, almost soft texture and its fast absorption rate that seeps straight into the skin, is the best way to remove any risks of dry skin.

Use almond oil face moisturizer as a solution and your face and body will feel soft textured. You will feel more confident within yourself and happy to go out without feeling embarrassed due to dry skin.