Almond Oil for Babies

Dermatologists and paediatricians recommend using sweet almond oil for babies. Before the process of bathing your child, it’s seen as traditional to massage the baby first, sweet almond oil for baby skin is considered highly nourishing, containing vitamins A, E, B1, B2 and B6 which will improve your baby’s health and skin.

 By adding a few drops of baby almond oil, it instantly protects and moisturises the skin, calming down the uprising of eczema, itching, soreness, dryness and inflammation; which is highly common in babies. It can be applied when changing the nappy as nourishing massage oil. Almond oil for babies is ideal as it is naturally rich in emollients and pure enough for sensitive skin. It soothes the skin, not only sending your baby to sleep by being more relaxed, but allowing you a rest at night also! Cautions and what you have to do:

  • Don’t massage around the navel, ears or nose area as it may lead to infection.
  • Use gentle strokes when massaging the baby as it is only a baby and has more sensitive skin compared to adults.
  • Ensure the massage area is warm and away from any draughts that will allow them to catch flu or colds.
  • Stay clear of areas where your baby has received his/her vaccine injection.
  • Wash off the baby almond oil well whilst giving your baby a bath as some babies develop skin rashes during humid climates due to residue massage oil.

Warnings while using almond oil for babies

Always check before the first application of sweet almond oil on the baby’s skin for a possible allergic reaction. Firstly, place a drop of baby almond oil on the baby’s arm and keep checking to ensure they don’t show any reaction for the day, children are most likely to have nut allergies, it is very common at early stages of their lives. Consult a doctor before testing any products to the baby’s skin, just in case.

Generally, almond oil for babies won’t cause skin problems and helps inflammation issues, eczema and even bacterial rashes. It deals with cradle cap and seborrheic dermatitis which can be rubbed onto the scalp. Parents are often trying to find skin care products which do not cause irritation and studies recently show that baby almond oil is safe to use on delicate skin with its light texture and easy absorption rate.

The best way to use sweet almond oil for baby skin is to use after bathing, this helps relieve dry skin and soothes the skin. Almond oil is calming and helps the baby to fall asleep. It stimulates their blood circulation and respiration and avoids digestion problems (which must sound like a miracle to some parents) and ease pain.

Here are some of the most recommended almond oil products for babies:

To massage with almond oil, you must warm your hands, take a small amount of almond oil for babies and gently massage on your baby. Start from the arms, then legs, chest, belly and back. Massage the scalp with only the tips of your fingers in a circular motion. Add more baby almond oil if your baby has cradle cap, if not, use only several drops.