How to Remove Stretch Marks Using Almonds

The appearance of stretch marks is quite an unpleasant experience. However, there are still many ways to strike back and remove them naturally, including using almond oil for these stretch marks.

The vital rule for stretch marks is to destroy them the moment you notice them. The moisturizing almond oil can do miracles when it comes to the treatment of stretch marks.

Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water, because it is a huge helper in this aspect! The other possible benefit of almond oil for stretch marks is the vitamin E it contains. Why is the latter helpful? Vitamin E promotes skin’s collagen and elastin.

Just rub the almond oil in

Some of the stretch marks can be treated much faster than others. There is a great solution for getting rid of the purple and pink ones with sweet almond oil.

You could drop about 4 times from rosemary essential oil and grapefruit essential oil into 4 tablespoons of almond oil. This liquid makes your skin incredible if you only rub it in gently and evenly.

Make some warm compresses

Massages seem to be a pleasant method, but imagine if you have some more persistent stretch marks. Then the above technique wouldn’t suffice. You should try treating yourself naturally with warm almond oil.

Soak a soft cloth in it and lay it on the parts of the skin that bother you. Once warmed, you should better stay that way for a couple of hours – any quilt or electric blanket will do. Making these procedures regularly guarantees you beautiful and flawless skin.

Almond oil moisturizes the affected skin areas, acting deeply. And, to get a natural recipe as a solution for your stretch marks, here is what you need:

½ cup of almond oil

½ cup of jojoba oil

2 tablespoons of Vitamin E oil

¼ cup of sugar

Mix them very well and massage affected areas. Do this every day to prevent the appearance of stretch marks or to remove them. Hope this help you get rid of unwanted stretch marks once and for all. Also, using almonds you can get rid of dark circles, acne or you can bring the natural beauty of your hair.


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