Sweet Almond Oil for Skin

Sweet almond oil for skin, mainly used for cosmetic and medicinal reasons and rich in Vitamin E, is the ideal moisturiser and emollient of the skin. Many people think that almond oils only purpose the face, however it can be massaged on any part of the body and provide lasting benefits. With its flaky and sweet scent, almond oil on the skin not only leaves you with smoother skin, but also an exceptional aroma.

Sweet almond oil for skin is considered to have a slow absorption rate and may feel a sticky or waxy coating before warming at body temperature. It may also leave a slightly oily residue on the skin.

Where can sweet almond oil be used on the body and what is it recommended for?


All skin types and damaged skin

Almond oil on skin works with both sensitive and normal skin and improves the complexion to retain and restore the skin’s natural glow. It moisturises the skin and can also prevent rashes, burns and soreness of any kind with its mineral and vitamin qualities. Skin infections, irritations and sun burns can be cured with almond oil assistance. Sweet almond oil for skin treats rashes and impurities and softens the skin leaving a nice clean feel.

Dry and chapped lips

When faced with dry and chapped lips, the worst thing is to lick them as this removes all the natural oils produced by the lips. Rubbing on anti-inflammatory, antioxidants and moisturising sweet almond oil two or three times a day will be sure to soothe, soften and lubricate the dryness of the lips. Sweet almond oil locks in the natural oils produced and keeps dry and chapped lips from occurring by moisturizing and revitalising.

Dry, flaky and irritated skin

Sweet almond oil for skin benefits and nourishes the skin and prevents diseases like acne and general skin disease from occurring soothes irritation and inflammation. Almond oil for dry skin is created using fatty acids which enables the dissolution of these substances and renews the cleansing of the pores in reparation of the damage to the skin.

As a body oil and moisturizer

As a general body oil and moisturizer, when applied daily, leaves a soft feel and moisturises the depth of the skin. It is said to delay aging processes and cures the body from any irritation of the skin. Almond oil for oily skin is helpful in many ways due to it leaving a more satisfied feel; the only way to get rid of oil is with another oil substance.

For aromatherapy and massage

Almond oil on skin is the most popular choice when massaging or for aromatherapy, its easily spreading features nourishes and serves as excellent carrier oil due to the smell being subtle. It allows the skin to soften and for the person massaging to soothe the pores and muscles right beneath the skin.

Almond oil for stretch marks

Sweet almond oil for skin is an emollient and therefore it will strengthen and nourish. When massaging with almond oil, blood circulation is strengthened and replenished, preventing stretch marks. It hides the appearance (no surgery needed) and is highly beneficial.

All hair types

Sweet almond oil is beneficial for any hair type as it reduces the amounts of split ends and dry appearances. By adding shine and colour, it revitalises the hair by preventing any outbreaks of grey hair and refines hair cuticles and roots, making the hair more flowing and beauteous.

Some important tips

  • Anyone containing a nut allergy must take caution by dabbing a small amount of almond oil on skin behind the ear or on the hand and then testing to see if any reaction has occurred.
  • It doesn’t matter what type of clothes to wear. However the more revealing the flesh is, the easier it is for the almond oil to dry rather than the majority being rubbed off.
  • A daily allowance of eating and massaging almond oil is 25-168g per day, if exceeding this by eating, there is a gaining weight chance, and if exceeding this by massage then rashes may occur.
  • Cyanide poisoning has resulted from allergies and too much almond oil consumption.

A guide to using sweet almond oil for skin

Recipe for the body:

You  will need 3 teaspoons of sweet almond oil as the base oil3 teaspoons of a bonus oil (sea buckthorn oil, carrot seed oil or tamanu oil)4-7 drops of essential oil (chamomile, rose, peppermint or palmarosa)and a small bottle

What you need to do:

  • fill the small bottle about 2/3 of the way with your base oil. If it doesn’t fill 2/3 then the bottle is too big.
  • add the bonus oil until the bottle is just about full (if using carrot seed oil, only put a few drops in)
  • add the 4-7 drops of essential oil, when using peppermint, add much less. Place the bottle top on and shake after each single drop. It should smell, but subtly to know that it’s correct.
  • rub over the body covering all areas of dry skin and repeat every night for the results from almond oil on the skin.


Caution: Keep the oil out of sunlight; it can then be used for 8-12 months. If a nut allergy arises from contact from almond oil for skin, seek doctor assistance immediately and rinse with cold water. If on any medication or using any other moisturising creams seek the doctor’s permission.

Overall,  the most productive and recommended product has to be sweet almond oil for skin as its purposes are truly worthwhile, with natural and easy to make solutions. Moreover, it is the easy way to make irritancies of the skin disappear and allow moisturised and nourished skin to break through.

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